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As the research continues, we will periodically update this web page with the latest information we have about the current conditions surrounding the issues with the pool.

On the right hand side of this page you will find the following:

- Enviroscan: Geophysical Survey Void/Subsidence This is the report outlining the areas of concern and possible voids around the pool area.
Update Information
Arm Group Inc. Repair of Poolside Sinkhole:
Enviroscan: Geophysical Survey Void/Subsidence:
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Topics to be voted on:
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Last night we met at the pool for another update meeting. The majority of the discussion was based around the report we received from EnviroScan. This report showed us where there are other parts of concern in and around the pool. There was a discussion on what to do next and how we should move forward.

We decided that a vote was necessary among the bond members that are in good standing (dues paid for the season). This vote will be held tomorrow night, Wednesday, June 26. This vote will help decide the future of the pool and it is very important to have a good turnout. A majority vote will decide how we proceed. In order to vote you need to stop by the pool between the hours of 6 and 8 pm. Please bring along your license. There is only 1 vote per bond (either owner or spouse). All votes must be done in person and may not be done by proxy. You may only vote if you are a bond member and you have paid your dues for this year. The topics to be voted on are posted on the right side of this page.
Member Meeting (6/24/2013):
Insurance Update:
The insurance company has stated the pool will still be covered after the sink hole is repaired.