Bondholder Membership: $275.00 - If postmarked by 3/31
                                                         $325.00 - If postmarked 4/1 or later
Senior Bond Membership: $235.00 - If postmarked by 3/31
                                                         $275.00 - If postmarked 4/1 or later
Single Membership: $200.00
Senior Single Membership: $175.00
Hours of Operation: 12-7pm Mon-Thurs / 12-8pm Fri-Sun
Have questions? Please send an email to Kate at "ionascmembership@gmail.com" or call, 717-273-5594
New Member Registration Form:
Membership Letter 2013:
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Babysitting Fee: $55.00 / child for the season
Members who baby sit children on a daily basis and would like to bring them to the pool.Adult non-members (grandparents, friend, etc.) who bring children who are members to the pool.
Guests Fees (Daily):
Guests MUST be accompanied by a pool member. Both the member and the guest will be required to 'sign in' at the office before the guest can enter the pool area.
Under age 5: free
Ages 6-18: $4.00
Ages 19-up: $5.00
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2013 Membership Information